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Friday, 5-Dec-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
::. baked chicken with vegetables .::

Well.. i am on my diet. Since today i was on leave i decided to cook. This diet based on blood group. For an O type like me..we are encouraged to have more proteins and vegetables and cut carbohidrat.
*So check out the recipe yg i reka sendiri je neh*


A – to be marinate ( 4 hours)
Chicken – whole leg
Chillies powder, corianders, cumin and mix herbs
Salt n black pepper
Extra Virgin olive oils

B – vegetables
Celery, broccolis ( white & green), carrot, green capsicum, potatoes, tomatoes, big onion
*any of your choice. U can boiled for a while in salty water

C- Roux ( optional)
Butter, flour and milk. Black pepper to taste. Chop parsley or sadery
Melt the butter with the flour. Add milk n stir until mix well and thicken. Add chop parsley or sadery and black pepper.

Preparation :
Cut your vegetables into chunky. Mix and put as base in your pan. Season with salt, black pepper and olive oil.
Put the marinated chicken whole leg on top of the vegetables. Sprinkle with olive oil again.
Put in the oven. 230 degree for 45 minutes .
After 30 minutes u can put the Roux ( optional)on the top of chicken and sprinkle some parmesan cheese right before serve.


For more pictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/krenzz/

Thursday, 4-Dec-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
cenderamata kenduri

ni potpouri kot?

Monday, 10-Nov-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
d art of seeing..my interpretation

*i'm a canonian..dis nikon dslr belongs to my buddy..along mikagami

1st of all..my entry kali nih very much on photography. My passion n my love for now...ehehehehe.
Every single photographer really wants their work to have impact on others. So do I.
Seeing..is re-seeing. My eyes r being train to alwez see things deeply..n creatively. Actually my eyes is my greatest camera ever. There is no use if u have very high end n expensive dslr n lenses if u dun have thing wat we call..’ d art of seeing’. Well..there are saying dat its not d camera but d man behind it. Its kinda true. I dun say dat tools r not as important..they do help.
How I see things? Well..I alwez have dis imaginary lines in my head. Its where I put my subjects when I photograph them. It’s not easy I must say..lotsa practices n I still practice!! Only experiences n lotsa try n error to get it right. Hands on learning pretty much help especially when I do some outing wif my photog buddy.
One more things is..I alwez see pictures taken by other photographers especially pics dat have impacts. Seeing, re-seeing n studying them..just to get what makes them so appealing n so perfect and I can apply it in my photography. Well..meniru adalah satu cara belajar aite? Herm..I’m still searching my own style but 1st i must develop my ability to master my dslr n my art of seeing things.
With that..I rest my case.

*wel..there is more bout d art of seeing which i dun want to elobrate. u can just google it k?!

Friday, 7-Nov-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
r n r bagan ajam

introducing d upcoming model for plus size..eheeheeheh







lokasi adalah atas permintaan model..taktau la pasai apa dia minat sgt2 R N R bagan ajam neh..

c n c r most welcome

Tuesday, 4-Nov-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
an outing..self potraiture

ni ler hasilnyer dari diriku brsama cik yam kesayanganku..

# 1. mr ayarq..sifuu

# 2. mr along..d mat leleh

# 3. mr mad nor..d macho guy

eheehehehe..plz leave any comment

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